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Library Policies


Hours & Coming to the Library

  • You must have a signed pass to enter the library.
  • Students without a pass will need to return to their classrooms. 
  • Sign in when you arrive and sign out before you leave.  



Checking Out, Renewing, & Returning Books

Borrowing Period—Three Weeks
Limit—5 books
  • You will use your student ID number to check out books.
  • You may borrow books for three weeks (21 school days).
  • Due dates are stamped in the back of the book.
  • You may borrow five books at a time.    
  • You may renew a book up to three times without an overdue charge, so long as you renew it before the due date.
  • Return books to the book slot at the circulation desk.
  • You may use Destiny to search for and put holds on books. A hold reserves a book. 



Late Fees & Lost and Damaged Books

Late Fee—5¢/school day
  • If a book is late, you will be charged 5¢/school day until the book is returned. Pay fines at the circulation desk. 
  • If a fine reaches $1, you will not be permitted to check out books.
  • If you damage a book, you will be charged for repairs.
  • If you destroy or lose a book, you will be charged to replace it.